Heavy rain flooding streets in Plainview

Published: May. 8, 2015 at 10:51 PM CDT|Updated: Nov. 7, 2015 at 12:12 AM CST
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HALE COUNTY, TX (KCBD) - It's been raining on and off for the past few days in Hale County, and that water has created multiple headaches for drivers in the area.

Interstate 27 in Hale Center was blocked off on Friday due to the rain running off the bridges and onto the interstate.

And it's kept on raining for the past few days in Plainview.

Residents here have mixed emotions.

Mark Gonzales is happy to see the city get some much-needed rain.

"We haven't ever seen anything like this. Lived here all my life and never saw anything like this," Gonzales said. "We needed it, been a long drought."

But not everyone shares that sentiment.

"We're grateful for it, but take it back," Gomez said. "I don't like the flooding. It would be different if it wasn't flooded."

With nowhere to go, water has been flowing into the streets.

Delia Zapata, a Plainview resident, said she didn't expect the flooding to be so bad.

"It's pretty deep," Zepada said. "I had to run to the bank and we were going to take the back side, but we had to do a turn around because there was no way we were going to get the car through there."

Drivers like Billie Crooks have to drive out their way to avoid those flooded streets.

"I have a small car," Crooks said. "I had to go around a few areas, because my car doesn't go where pickups go."

She told us she experienced some hail damage as well.

"We're waiting to see what it did," Crooks said. "We have a large garden and there's some crops in our area, we live on the far east side of town."


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