Healthy Meals To Go provides a healthy alternative to fast food

Healthy Meals To Go provides a healthy alternative to fast food

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Whether you're a parent, a business person or just a busy person, it can be a challenge to find tasty. heart-healthy (and waist-friendly) meals when you're on the go.

But a Lubbock business has changed that.

Healthy Meals To Go has two locations in the Hub City that serve healthy, pre-proportioned meals to go - something owner Pierce Adams is proud of, "It's a healthy alternative to fast food. It's pre-proportioned (and) under 500 calories."

Adams says the meals are all-natural, gluten-free, low-glycemic and heart-healthy, and to top it off they're made fresh daily in Lubbock.

They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and salads - in addition to juices.

Adams says some customers come in to buy a weeks worth of food while others stop in to pick up a single item while on the go, "You either come in and eat it there at the store or your can take four or five days home with you."

He says their main goal is to cater to your needs, "You can come pick it up fresh at the store or you can go online and order it and we'll deliver to you."

Adams says it's for the busy person looking for healthy, quick meals - but he adds, it's also good for those who struggle with portion control or don't really know how to identify proportions.

And that's where their "21 Day Challenge" comes into play.

Nutritional consultant Jenny Melville says it's a great way to learn how to eat healthy and learn what a portion should look like.

"We are your meal preppers, we are your grocery store, we are your everything for that 21 days," Melville said.

And they make it super easy.

You meet with a nutritional consultant to figure out how many calories you need to hit your goals - then you eat.

"You come in about twice a week and pick up your fresh foods; these are made every day for specifically for you."

If there's something you like - tell them. If there's something you don't like - tell them.

Their goal is to help you get to your goal.

Health Meals To Go has two Lubbock locations:

5206 82nd Street, (806) 722-2727

4404 19th Street, (806) 701-5454

You can learn more at:

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