Plainview holds vigil for woman, unborn child, victims of domestic violence

Published: Oct. 22, 2015 at 10:48 PM CDT|Updated: Jan. 20, 2016 at 11:48 PM CST
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PLAINVIEW, TX (KCBD) - The community of Plainview in Hale County gathered to honor those who lost their lives to domestic violence on Thursday evening.

They heard from a family member who lost her sister in a deadly dispute.

24-year-old Vivianna Castaneda and her unborn child were killed in November of 2012 after her husband rammed his truck into her vehicle, causing it to wrap around a utility pole in Plainview.

Juan Castaneda, 25, is now behind bars, currently serving 60 years in prison for murder.

Vivianna's family members spoke about the tragedy for the first time on Thursday.

"I have her in my head all of the time," Norma Garcia, Vivianna's mother says.

"That was my sister, she was my baby sister," the victim's sister, Vanessa Garcia says. "That was my mom's baby. If she would've spoken out, maybe if she would've told us we could've done something different."

Norma and Vanessa say they hope Thursday's vigil at the Hale County Courthouse will shed light on the lives lost because of domestic violence.

"Hopefully, what our family went through is an eye opener, not only to us immediate ones, but to the community," Vanessa says. "Because, domestic violence, I mean, there's help, there's help."

Vanessa says her sister, Vivianna was almost eight months pregnant when both lives were taken too soon.

"Next thing you know, her husband is ramming us from the back," Vanessa recalls. "Rammed into us several times on Columbia, made us lose control."

Vanessa says she still coping with her injuries, her left arm is paralyzed.

But, even so, the memories of her baby sister are what she holds on to daily.

"There's not a minute that goes by that my baby isn't on my mind," she says.

Norma says that though it has been almost three years since her life changed forever, emotions remain raw.

"I cried so much," Norma says. "That was my baby. I thought I left her with someone that was going to take care of her, that she was going to be there. That he was going to be there for her, but she didn't ask for help."

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