Some statues recovered in Louise Hopkins Underwood Center theft

Some statues recovered in Louise Hopkins Underwood Center theft

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - We have new details on the theft of several statues from the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts in downtown Lubbock.

Police tell us an additional statue has been recovered. One is still missing, making the new recovered count 17 of 18.

Authorities found them near 122nd Street and Frankford Avenue. As we first reported Tuesday, someone took the 18 green, clay statues sometime after the First Friday Art Trail.

The figures were not damaged but according to Officer Ray Mendoza, they were given a fresh coat of paint.

"The person is no longer a suspect because the victim did not press charges, but he painted them with the intention of selling them," he said. "He ended up giving them away to family and friends."

Police are currently tracking down the last statue.

Investigators are not naming the person who took them because the victim is not pursuing charges. The former suspect has expressed remorse and is one-hundred percent cooperative.

Efren Marrufo is a Tech graduate and creator of the statues. He is not pressing charges because he is simply grateful to have them back.

We spoke with the artist Wednesday morning. "I just wants to thank the community at large. Without their tips, there would be no way to retrieve these guys," Marrufo said.

Marrufo told us Thursday morning he has not decided if he will return the statues to their original highlighter-yellow color.

"Maybe," he said. "But now it's a collaboration!"


Statues stolen from Louise Hopkins Underwood Center

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