Texas Tech honors veterans and first responders

Texas Tech honors veterans and first responders

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Saturday was the annual Celebrate America Game, and Texas Tech honored veterans as well as first responders.

You see them at every game, but you may not see everything our first responders do to keep us safe at crowded events like these.

"We're out there and we're making it a better place," Lubbock police officer Tino Blanco said.

"Just making sure that everyone is safe and being OK. I don't want anybody to be hurt and that's one of our main concerns," Lubbock firefighter Tommy Alonzo said.

Today, first responder vehicles and military tanks lined the outside of the Jones for fans to get a closer look, and thank them for their service.

"Seeing all the kids get up there in the LVSR and take pictures. It's pretty cool to watch. Especially to see their expression when they see the big truck," U.S. Marine Camron Moore said.

Local first responders tell us their hearts weigh heavy today as they stand strong for their brothers in Paris.

"We have to be a united front in order to overcome things like that," Alonzo said.

"We're just still always aware of our surroundings and just looking out for everybody," Blanco said.

Being a part of today's events provided a chance to reflect on the reason they do what they do, as they interacted with the citizens they work hard to protect each and every day.

"We go out there and we do this day in and day out, and we don't always get a thanks or anything like that," Alonzo said. "But we really do feel honored today."

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