Signmakers preparing for new Texas Open Carry law, in effect Jan. 1

Signmakers preparing for new Texas Open Carry law, in effect Jan. 1

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The new open carry law in Texas goes into effect in less than a month.

On Jan. 1, anyone with a concealed handgun license will be able to openly carry a gun in public.

If businesses don't want that to happen, they need to post specific signs in their front windows.

Texas Tech graduate Brian Leser is a sign designer and co-owner of Fast Signs. He says printed signs only last about four years if laminated. Premium vinyl has double the life expectancy and that is what they use to make open carry signs. The process begins with a computer.

"That lets us know, that's what we're cutting. We send it over to a vinyl plotter - it has a blade holder with a blade similar to the tip of an Exacto."

The vinyl plotter cuts out the design that they put into the computer, in this case, the open carry prohibition sign.

"And you can actually split it and see where the lettering is being cut."

He cut it into sections to make it easier and peeled back the vinyl backing, leaving the letters.

Finally, they rounded the corners to take the sharp ends off of the aluminum sign.

We asked how many more they anticipate to sell at around $65 each.

"Lubbock is growing at such an astronomical rate right now. As new businesses come in, they'll need signs so it's kind of hard to predict."

Leser said as January first approaches, business will make their decision on whether to post these signs based on them potentially losing business by allowing open carry.

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