LCU volleyball player welcomed home after two brain surgeries

Published: Jan. 11, 2016 at 3:44 AM CST|Updated: May. 19, 2016 at 2:27 PM CDT
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Marray addressing the church
Marray addressing the church
Malori after surgery
Malori after surgery


Hundreds of friends and family members greeted a 20-year-old Lubbock Christian volleyball player for the first time in two months, after a fight for her life.

This is like the best thing that has ever happened, Malori said. I just love yall so much. God bless all of yall, forever.

The gathering took place at Green Lawn Church of Christ, where Maloris father, Marray Maddox, spoke about this hardship their family experienced.

Since that time, he said, it has just been an incredible, incredible journey.
On November 10 last year, Malori played against Midwestern State, but had a severe headache after the game and collapsed. 

We had people go to their knees that night, to the [LCU] fountain that night, Marray said, praying fervently for the doctors to heal Malori.
Doctors discovered Malori had a brain bleed that required immediate surgery in Wichita Falls. That saved her life before they flew her to a Dallas hospital, where she remained in ICU.

For Malori to be here right now, Marray said, every detail had to be just right, and it was just right.

When Malori first woke from surgery, she said her name was "Sarah", and the year was 1972. But around eight days later, she began to remember.

From that day on, every day could not have been any better, Marray said.

That is how she earned her nickname,
Miracle Mal.

Her faith is so strong, said Mallory Powell, Maloris teammate, and it makes my faith strong, and the teams faith strong.

While Malori had to relearn colors, shapes, numbers, and how to process speed, information and memory, she kept a smile throughout it all.

These therapy sessions lead to last Wednesday, when doctors removed an abnormal connection between her arteries and veins and replaced a piece of her skull.
That is about a 14-hour surgery.

We prayed to God, Marray said, that we would walk out of that hospital with Malori, holding hands.

Although Malori was nauseated afterwards, doctors said they were pleased with her progress in this marathon.

Maloris touched a lot of lives, Marray said, and shes touched our lives.

As Malori walked into Green Lawns auditorium and saw it packed with her supporters Sunday evening, she realized her team is much larger than she ever expected.

 I pray that God blesses yall just so abundantly, she said, and I feel like the most rich person in the whole world.

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