Abernathy drilling for alternate water source

Abernathy drilling for alternate water source

LUBBOCK COUNTY, TX (KCBD) - The city of Abernathy says they are drilling into the Dockum aquifer, hoping it will provide a new viable source of drinking water.

Abernathy City Manager Mike Cypert says they'll reach the aquifer in a few days and start running tests.

Abernathy uses water from the Ogallala now, but in the event of a drought, they say additional water will help.

The Dockum aquifer lies beneath the Ogallala aquifer, which most cities in West Texas access, but but Cypert says he wants to take a proactive approach to city resources.

"In the event that we had a continued drought similar to what we went through a couple of years ago, that water would be used at a higher rate because of the agricultural practices around us," he said.

He says there hasn't been much research on the Dockum aquifer so there are several things they'll be testing to determine the quantity and quality of the water in case of an emergency.

"We're looking at the arsenic levels, the manganese, the magnesium all of those that are on those reports that we have to look at to make sure that water is clean, safe and drinkable and what is the best technology to deploy for that," he said.

He says High Plains Water district gave them a grant for this operation, so they will be able to share their findings with other communities that have struggled in the past.

"We know that there's other communities that have had water issues that came up and they were really scrambling around, but this is something that can be replicated in other communities as well as just for our citizens."

He says his city and the surrounding areas aren't the only ones he's looking out for.

"I want to make sure that I leave a legacy here, that I have done something on a personal level that will take our future...I live here and I plan on making this home long after I retire. My children are here. I've got a son and his wife who live here as well, and some day, if God gives me grandchildren, it's a possibility that they could be here for their lifetime as well."

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