2 arrested in Lubbock prostitution sting at Motel 6

2 arrested in Lubbock prostitution sting at Motel 6
Rosetta Thurman, 18 (Source: Lubbock County Detention Center)
Rosetta Thurman, 18 (Source: Lubbock County Detention Center)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - On January 12, 2016, Lubbock County Sheriff's deputies and members of the Narcotics Division conducted a prostitution sting at Motel 6 in the 900 block of 66th Street.

Deputies say they set up a meeting by using backpage.com. Backpage is a website where items can posted to be sold including escorts.

The undercover deputy placed a phone call responding to an ad on the website and spoke with a female. The deputy informed the female that he was at Motel 6 and was looking for some company. According to the arrest warrant, the female agreed to meet the undercover deputy for 45 minutes for a donation of $180--'donation' is a term commonly used for money when dealing with prostitution.

The deputy informed the arrest team that the female was on her way to the room.  The room was connected by a door to another room where the arrest team waited.

When the female arrived, she knocked on the room door and the deputy let her in. While the deputy spoke to the female, the arrest team monitored their conversation. When the deputy asked what he could receive for his donation, the female replied anything he wanted.

When the deputy asked if he needed to wear a condom to perform a certain sexual act on the female, she said he would have to because she had just got her tongue pierced.

That's when the deputy gave the arrest signal.

Upon entering the room, deputies saw the female, identified as 18-year-old Rosetta Thurman, of Midland, standing by the bed with her pants off. Thurman began crying and said, "No, please no." Thurman was allowed to get dressed and was placed in hand restraints. Thurman was asked by deputies if she had a pimp that was waiting for her outside in the parking lot. Thurman said she didn't have a pimp.

Thurman received several phone calls while deputies were questioning her. When deputies asked Thurman who was calling her, she said it was her boyfriend. Deputies asked if her boyfriend was her pimp, but she continued to deny it. Thurman told deputies that her boyfriend "was ok with" her being a prostitute.

Deputies offered Thurman help to get out of this lifestyle and asked her where she was staying. Thurman said she had a room at Motel 6 where her friend and boyfriend were staying.

Deputies, narcotics investigators along with motel management went to the room where Thurman's boyfriend and friend where staying.

Investigators found 18-year-old Ukedrian Anderson and 18-year-old A'bria Anderson inside. Investigators found a small baggie of marijuana but neither Ukedrian nor A'bria took ownership. Investigators also found a piece of paper on the counter with all of the details of Rosetta's Backpage ad information.

All three were taken to the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office for further questioning.

Thurman told investigators that she met Ukedrian on Facebook a few months ago and that he moved to Odessa to be with her. Thurman said she had been prostituting before she met Ukedrian. Once he moved to Odessa, Thurman says Ukedrian began to take her money made from prostitution. Ukedrian threatened to leave Thurman and assault her if she did not prostitute.

Thurman also told investigators that Ukedrian was on Facebook talking to other females asking them to "go on the road" with his cousin and his "girl."

During A'bria's interview, she told investigators that Thurman was her best friend. A'bria said she found out that Thurman was a prostitute about three weeks ago. A'bria said she herself was not a prostitute.

Ukedrian was interviewed and told investigators that Thurman was his girlfriend. When Ukedrian was asked how he could allow his girlfriend to prostitute, he said Thurman was not really his girlfriend, but that he just called her that to make he feel that she was.

Ukedrian did not know Thurman's last name when investigators asked him. Ukedrian admitted to earning money from Thurman prostituting.

A'bria Anderson was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana on January 12.

Rosetta Thurman was arrested and charged with prostitution on January 12.

Ukedrian Anderson was arrested and charged with human trafficking on Wednesday, February 3.

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