Hale Center investigating animal cruelty case

Hale Center investigating animal cruelty case
Original image from City of Hale Center Facebook
Original image from City of Hale Center Facebook

HALE CENTER, TX (KCBD) - A post on Hale Center's Facebook page has sparked an animal cruelty investigation. Now we're hearing from the family who first rescued the dog.

The family found the dog on West First Street in Hale Center on the morning of Jan. 25. The dog, a 3-year-old old male Australian Shepard mix, had been hog tied.

Hale Center Police say the original owner reached out when the photo was posted on Friday, saying she gave the dog to friends over a year ago.

She told them those friends lost the dog a few weeks before Christmas and wasn't seen again until the Harmon family found him on the 25th.

"It's not right, unbelievable in a way," Korben Harmon said.

It was all by chance that the Harmon family was leaving for school and work on the morning of Jan. 25, when they spotted the dog limping down their street.

But they were shocked to find out why he was limping so badly.

"My son Korben calls the dog over, jumps over the fence," Monica Harmon said. "He comes running to Korben and we saw that it was hog tied, right front paw and back left leg."

"And when I grabbed the dog, it was in pain obviously, and I just cut the rope," Korben said.

The ropes were tied so tightly they were digging into the dog's skin. Korben says he couldn't even get them off with his pocket knife.

"It was just bleeding uncontrollably and just way too tight to undo," he said.

The city manager came to pick up the dog, and he was taken to the city barn where the ties were removed.

As dog owners themselves, the Harmon family says this case of animal cruelty makes them furious.

"They shouldn't have animals if they can't take care of them," Monica said. "It's just awful."

"I would never imagine ever doing that to a dog," Korben said. "It was really lucky that we saw him when we did, otherwise there is no telling what would have happened."

Now there is a happy ending to this story.

We're told the dog is now safe and sound with a family here in Lubbock, and they say his wounds are healing each day.

However, Hale Center Police are still trying to get in contact with the dog's last owners to continue this investigation.

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