City of Lubbock releases statement on disposal of American flag placed in bed of pickup

Published: Feb. 16, 2016 at 2:55 PM CST|Updated: May. 16, 2016 at 1:55 PM CDT
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The City of Lubbock has released a statement on the disposal of an American flag that was placed in the bed of an Aviation pickup Friday:

"Airport staff was notified yesterday of a picture posted on social media of an American flag in a see-through plastic bag that was in the bed of an Aviation pickup. Airport procedures call for American flags on airport property to be disposed of properly.

American flags at the airport are replaced when the condition of the flag begins to deteriorate. The four American flags on airport property were taken down late in the afternoon on Friday, February 12. Normal airport procedure is to fold them, put them in bags, and then take the flags to either the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post on 114th Street or the American Legion Post on 66th Street for proper disposal. Due to the timing of their removal, the flags were not taken to either of those entities on Friday. If there is a delay in taking them to the VFW or American Legion Post, the flags are typically stored indoors until they can be dropped off for proper disposal. That procedure was not followed in this instance.

Airport staff have met and gone over flag procedures to ensure that proper flag handling and disposal procedures are followed at all times so this situation does not happen again. Aviation staff, as does all of City of Lubbock staff, takes the handling and disposal of American flags seriously.

The flags in question have now been taken to the American Legion Post for proper disposal."

Mayor Glen Robertson posted to Facebook Monday night:

"This photo of an American flag in the back of a City of Lubbock vehicle is circulating on Facebook. I have requested the City Manager, Mr. James Loomis, to investigate this situation and to put out a press release tomorrow detailing how this occurred and what steps he will take to ensure it never happens again. This is unacceptable!"