Privacy vs. law enforcement as Apple challenges the FBI

Published: Feb. 18, 2016 at 3:18 AM CST
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - From emails, to bank account information and everything in between, our phones have become the holder of all personal information.

In the legal battle between Apple and the government, the FBI says they need access into Farook's phone to gain important evidence.

Saying this software they are asking for will only be used once.

"The government has an interest in pulling the data off of the phone to make sure that these two folks involved in the San Bernardino massacre don't have ties to others in other countries or links that they could find through the phone to track down other terrorist organizations," local attorney Frank Sellers said.

Apple says their worry is there would be no guarantee this software would only be used once, or that it could fall into the wrong hands, putting many customers private information at risk.

"From Apple's perspective, they're trying to keep the consumer confidence in their company," Sellers said. "And everybody who uses an Apple product deserves to feel secure."

Local Apple user Ryan Ordmandy says he doesn't store a lot of private information on his phone, but he can understand why the new software would raise concerns.

"A lot of IPhone users keep their credit card data on their IPhone so they don't have to keep entering information all the time. And if the wrong person gains access to that you have potential for possibly credit card fraud," Ordmandy said. "You weigh the cost of saving privacy, or saving X amount of lives."

KCBD asked Sellers what precedent he believes would be set if Apple wins the battle.

"If you use an Apple product, that your data is secured," he said. "They're going to stand up for their customers' privacy."

And if the government wins?

"Where does it stop?" Sellers asked.  "I would just fear that this could be a snowball effect and their might not be an end to this and we might all have to be a little more worried about who is watching and whether big brother is seeing everything we do."

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