Will Lubbock finally get a dog park?

Will Lubbock finally get a dog park?
Anju Gill was 36 years old
Anju Gill was 36 years old

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Lubbock may soon have a public dog park.

It's been discussed for years, but now, a local businessman has volunteered to pay for the park, if the city is willing to donate the land.

The proposed location is right across from McAllister Park in southwest Lubbock, a triangle of land between the Spur and the freeway.

Rajeev Gill says he wants to build the city's first dog park in memory of his late sister.

Anju Gill was 36-years-old when she passed in 2006. She adored dogs, so the park would be named after her.

Lubbock City Mayor Glen Robertson says the park will be great for families who don't have the space they need for their furry family.

"And places where they don't have large large back yards - give them a place to take their dogs and yet not be an increase on the burden for the taxpayers," Robertson said.

Lubbock citizens have been waiting years for this. Christopher Herrada is a Tech student who says he can't wait.

"Coming out here we have to have him leashed. I think it's great I can like take him to the park  have him run around not have to worry about anything," Herrada said.

Mayor Robertson says he thinks the location Gill has in mind will work out perfectly.

"It was land that was sitting there that the park department really did not have any future plans for. We already own it, it's already designated park land, so it just seemed like a very logical place to put this dog park."

Herrada goes to his local park every day to let his dog exercise, so he says if the dog park goes through, he'll be there every day.

"I think that privately funding it and memorializing them is, I think that's even better because it shows that they actually do care about dog owners and dogs in general. It's something that means something to me that makes me want to go to this dog park," he said.

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