Wreck Hunger food pantry at TTU

Wreck Hunger food pantry at TTU
Shelley Fillipp
Shelley Fillipp
Ashlee Taylor
Ashlee Taylor

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Food insecurity comes in all shapes and sizes.

But, what many people may not realize, is that it affects college students, too.

And, that's why a group at Texas Tech University is opening a food pantry on campus, so they can "Wreck Hunger."

"I think what it's made everybody realize is that this is more common than we know, but no one talks about it hardly," Shelley Fillipp, Dietetic Internship Director and Assistant Professor of Practice at Texas Tech University, says.

As a part of Texas Tech's faculty, students go to Fillipp for help.

And, she can recall a few stories where graduate students have come to her needing help, not with homework, a project or even extra credit, but need help finding their next meal.

"Graduate school becomes difficult and in these particular student's cases, they couldn't qualify for a graduate assistance student-ship, but even that, sometimes just isn't enough money to survive," she says.

The president of the graduate student advisory council at Texas Tech University, Ashlee Taylor, says 68% of international students on campus, are graduate students.

She says there is a great deal of need among those students.

"We want to try to alleviate that problem on our campus," she says. "Because, we do know nationally, it is a problem on college campuses."

Taylor says food insecurity is more prevalent on college campuses than people may realize.

"The research shows double of that of the general population," she explains.

So who will gain comfort from this?

"This is going to benefit the graduate and international students on campus," Taylor says. "And so, that's approximately 6,500 students on campus."

Right now, Taylor says they are accepting donations, so when this food pantry is up and running, students know that they can rely on the consistency of having food readily available.

Which is something Fillipp says reminds her of a student who came to her not that long ago, needing help, feeding her two kids.

"If I could've sent her over here that day, she would've known she had something for the next few days," she says. "That little bit would have helped her that day, immediately."

If you would like to donate non-perishable food items to "Wreck Hunger" you can drop them off at the Texas Tech University's International Cultural Center, on 7th and Indiana.

Some other items the pantry is in need of are hot drinks, bottled water, baby food and formula, and even household items, such as: pots and pans, toilet paper, dish soaps, toothbrushes, shampoos and sanitary products.

You can learn more by visiting their Facebook page: facebook.com/ttuwreckhunger.

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