Consider This: No high-speed chases inside the city

Consider This: No high-speed chases inside the city

Last week we reported the death of Nancy Tran, the Lubbock wife and mother who was killed by a fleeing felon being chased by Lubbock police.

We offer our sincerest condolences to Nancy Tran's family and friends for their loss.

District Attorney Matt Powell should charge the driver, Jonathan Lavato, with capital murder.

This death was a needless tragedy.

I do not believe our police ought to be conducting high speed chases inside the city that often endanger the lives of innocent citizens.

The results of the investigation are not yet in, but my issue is with the policy that allows this to happen, not with the individual officers involved.

I am against all illegal drugs. But the life of a law abiding citizen is more important than the immediate arrest of a drug dealer.

Consider this…our lawmakers must truly criminalize evading arrest in a motor vehicle. It should be prosecuted as a violent offense.

Today it is only a state jail felony and too many get off with a hand slap for running from police.

The senseless death of a loving mother, wife and friend should also cause our new Lubbock Police Chief to reconsider LPD's policy regarding high speed pursuits.

Should an innocent citizen pay the price for arresting a drug dealer sooner, rather than later?

I, for one, think not!

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