LPD: Text message hoax warning about police impersonator

LPD: Text message hoax warning about police impersonator

Provided by LPD

The Lubbock Police Department has become aware of a text message that is circulating around town regarding a police impersonator.  This text message may have also been posted on Facebook.  The message states the following:

"Hey! I just received this text message from a friend.

Hey South Lubbock ladies: be aware: there is a motorcycle "cop" who is not a real cop.  He's targeting women, pulling them over, getting their home address via driver's license.  He has attacked 2 of the women.  He pulled over a 3rd this morning on 1585 & Quaker @ 7:45 this morning.  He's white, short, stocky.  Goes by officer Henshaw.  He's not a real cop. There is an active investigation under way so this CANNOT be put on social media & of course isn't being reported by the news yet.  But the 3rd woman was telling me this herself this morning @ the hair salon.  It just happened to her this morning as she was taking her son to school."

The Lubbock Police Department has not received any complaints from citizens claiming to have been victimized and there are no active investigations regarding a motorcycle police impersonator.  All Lubbock Police Motorcycle officers wear the distinctive LPD uniform and helmet.  They also drive distinctively marked motorcycles.

To our knowledge, this message is a hoax; however, if anyone has firsthand knowledge of any of the alleged incidents, please contact the Lubbock Police Department at 806-775-2865.