Consider This: Level transportation playing field by reducing regulation

Consider This: Level transportation playing field by reducing regulation

The Lubbock City Council will soon review the ordinance that pertains to transportation for hire.

The reason for this move comes from Councilwoman Karen Gibson as she tries to create a level playing field for Uber and taxi cabs alike.

I have some suggestions of my own.

First, disruptive technology teaches us there is often a better way to do things. There is no denying that the model used by Uber and Lyft is working for consumers and drivers alike.

Second, there is too much redundancy of regulation. The state already regulates automobile what is the point of a city inspection...other than a money grab?

Finally, the fear of litigation will always be a better motivator for public safety than weak municipal ordinances.

Consider much as possible the city of Lubbock should get out of the business of regulating business...and Uber is just one example.

Create the same rules for taxis that you do for Uber. Make as few rules as possible.

And let the free market determine who chooses what service.

Lubbock consumers are smart enough to know what works.

I know I am.

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