EXCLUSIVE: Meadow family victimized by extreme case of cyber bullying

AG investigating cyber bullying in Meadow

The Attorney General's office is investigating a family's claim of extreme bullying in Meadow.

13-year-old Mia Gonzales says she has received death threats through social media since August.

Mia's family reports getting messages where the person describes things that happened in school.

Her family took all of her electronic devices, downloaded her apps on their devices to monitor activity, and still the threats continue.

"It wasn't the messages that scared me the most, it was the fact when they took the picture of me at my window, because of how close they were," Mia said.

Mia's family says whoever this is, has created hate-Instagram accounts directly targeting Mia.

"One was, 'I'm back and still hating Mia,'" said Nicole Garza, Mia's mother. "There's six of them that they made because they would get shut down and they would start making new ones."

Then around February, Garza says it got worse.

"It went to, 'We're going to kill you, we're coming after you,'" Garza said. "My Dad passed away now going on five months - they posted a picture of him and made fun of her for losing him. My brother-in-law died three weeks ago and they told her that she was next. They were laughing at her saying that everybody that she loved was dying and that she was going to come up next."

Garza says as if it could not get any worse, then the stalking began.

"They've progressively gotten worse to where they come to the house and take pictures of her through the window," Garza said. "We had one text message about a week ago now trying to get her to go to the park because they said they didn't want to hurt her siblings and that way she could go to the park to meet them at night so they could kill her peacefully, in their words."

Garza says one day Mia whispered in her ear and that's when the text message came, asking what Mia had whispered to her mother.

They say the threats have extended to the entire family so they all sleep in their small living room at night on mattresses.

They say the other kids are having nightmares.

"We're confined into a 250 square feet space, nine of us," said Alec Garza, Nicole Garza's husband. "Just for my kids to feel safe. It's not right."

He says they are getting four hours of sleep a night because they have to monitor sounds outside.

"They're knocking and taking pictures at our house at late hours now so we're having to stay up a lot later," Garza said.

Now the Terry County Sheriff's office tells KCBD because of the online nature of this bullying, they and the attorney general's office are not the only ones investigating this case.

"We also have contacted the Texas Rangers and the Attorney General's office to assist us with this investigation," said Terry County Sheriff Larry Gilbreath. "The problem you run into with cases like this is tracking the cyber part of this thing."

The Garzas say the Attorney General has all of Mia's electronic devices in an attempt to track whoever is behind the threats. Meadow ISD says if this turns out to be bullying from students they will take appropriate action.

Meanwhile, Alec Garza says he is unable to work more than 20 hours a week because he has to stay and protect his family. He says they are behind on all their bills and barely making ends meet.

"I just do want it ended," Alec Garza said. "I want to go back to work 40 hours, I want my daughter to go back to school I want these curtains knocked down and I want a normal life."

Mia says she misses going outside and no longer wants to live in fear.

"I wish they'd just leave me alone for everything to go back to normal so I can go back outside or I can sleep in my own bed."

Friends of the family have started #Mia'sArmy to show solidarity for Mia. They are in the process of creating a GoFundMe. #Mia'sArmy T-shirts can be bought here and all proceeds will go to help the family through this time.

Just send a private message at the Facebook page below.

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