Parents file STAAR test lawsuit against TEA

Parents file STAAR test lawsuit against TEA

AUSTIN, TX (KCBD) - Four sets of parents from across the state have now filed a lawsuit against the Texas Education Agency over STAAR exams.

The Texas Tribune reports that the parents are upset over how this year's tests were conducted.

They filed the lawsuit in an attempt to keep schools from using the scores to rate students, including whether students should move on to the next grade or go to summer school.

The suit says that that the scores are invalid because the exams were not administered under the rules laid out in House Bill 743.

That legislation requires the state to design STAAR exams so that most elementary and middle school students can finish the test within a certain time period.

TEA is implementing the law over time, so fourth- and seventh-grade writing tests administered this spring were revamped to comply with the law, but the rest of the exams were not.

The suit claims that 2 million Texas students were administered illegal assessments.

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