Vitamin K2 provides natural boost of energy

Vitamin K2 provides natural boost of energy

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Scientists have known for some time that vitamin K can help prevent heart disease by taking calcium from the heart and plugging it into the bone where it should be.

But new research is finding vitamin K2 can bring an energy boost that most of us need.

Dr. Ted Reid, Professor of Biotechnology at Texas Tech, points to a study of athletes at North Texas State in which Vitamin K2 made them more productive.  He explains, " North Texas State gave K2 as a supplement to students for 3 weeks and showed improvement in the mitochondrial ability to consume oxygen was equivalent to 6 months of intensive training."

Then, he adds, "So it really means that this can actually improve your mitochondria, make them more efficient."

The mitochondria is referred to as the powerhouse or battery in every cell.

And Dr. Reid says vitamin K2 can actually go inside the mitochondria to help it use oxygen more efficiently, which is why he believes men and women can benefit from a vitamin K2 supplement and the energy it can provide.

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