Tree nursery to sell fireworks inside store

Fireworks on sale Friday
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Heather Sherrill (Source: KCBD)
Heather Sherrill (Source: KCBD)
Clinton Thetford & Heather Sherrill (Source: KCBD)
Clinton Thetford & Heather Sherrill (Source: KCBD)
     Fireworks are popping up in places you might not expect this fourth of July.
     For the first time, Hardy Trees and Nursery is not just selling plants and trees this year.

Starting next Thursday, theyll be selling wholesale fireworks from inside their store.

They own a TNT fireworks stand on east 4th street, but Heather Sherrill is with Hardy Trees and Nursery and says they wanted to think bigger this year.

"We looked around and said,
why can't we just sell fireworks right here? Its got air conditioning, there's a restroom, it's clean, it's friendly, we can play music," Sherrill said.

With hundreds of wholesale fireworks, they say the deals will be phenomenal.

"The largest family pack on the south plains would cost you $799.99, we're going to sell it here for $545,
said Sherrill.

Clinton Thetford is with the Sheriff's office and cautions against shooting fireworks from roadways and bar diches.

"You can't just trespass on to somebody's property you have to have their permission to set off your fireworks," said Thetford.

Thetford says there is another huge factor to remember this year as well.

"With the recent annexes of the city of Lubbock into some of those unincorporated areas, people in the past that may have been able to shoot off fireworks on their land now will not be able to do that because they're covered by the city of Lubbock ordinances that preclude that," Thetford said.


LUBBOCK COUNTY, TX (KCBD) - Independence Day is less than two weeks away and for many, that means it's time to buy fireworks.

Fireworks go on sale in Texas on Friday, June 24.

Lubbock County Commissioners met on June 13 and authorized the use of fireworks for the holiday.

Lamb County officials say there will be 'no limitations' on fireworks for residents this year.

The Texas Occupations Code Section 2154.202 lists all rules for fireworks in the state:

We are also working to get information on fireworks authorization for Gaines, Hockley, Hale and Dawson counties.

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