Two major power plants fund community improvements in Abernathy

Abernathy power coop funding community improvements

ABERNATHY, TX (KCBD) - Abernathy is home to two major power plants operated by Golden Spread Electric Cooperative. Over the past two years, the co-op has funded several community improvements.

Mayor Sharon Kester-Fair says the the company donated around $45,000. They've used the money to install a sprinkler system and bleacher covers at the ball park. They've also planted trees and gave the American Legion a facelift.

"We wouldn't have been able to do that right away, it would have taken longer. It's fun to see people out there picnicking and playing around, and the children on the play equipment, it's just fun and nice to see them being able to use the park," said Mayor Kester-Fair.

Mayor Kester-Fair said they're also planning to complete the sidewalks around the park, and that's around two blocks to complete. The park is on 6th Street, just behind the football field.

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