Abernathy power plants use latest technology

Abernathy becoming an energy generation powerhouse

ABERNATHY, TX (KCBD) - Abernathy has become a powerhouse - literally.

Golden Spread Electric Cooperative operates the Antelope-Elk Energy Center in this community. The Antelope Station came online in 2011, followed by the Elk in 2015. Both utilize state of the art technology to cut emissions.

The Elk just brought two new, natural gas powered turbines online.

And, power generated here will be available across the state.

"The big thing that we are adding there is a grid switcher, and what this grid switcher will allow us to do is to switch our megawatts out of that facility, all or party of it, from SPP to ERCOT," said Jolly Hayden, V.P. and COO of Golden Spread Electric Coop.

Golden Spread is headquartered in Amarillo.

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