Consider this: Counting votes is not that hard

Consider this: Counting votes is not that hard

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Last week KCBD reported that County Commissioners are considering spending as much as $12 million for new voting machines.

Commissioners tell us that the machines currently being used are still working properly, but must be replaced because they use 1990 technology.

Elections officials predict that Lubbock County voter turnout this November may be as high as 100,000 people.

Now, let's do the math. $12 million divided by one hundred thousand voters is $120 per voter.

That's ridiculous!

The state has allowed a handful of companies to have a monopoly on the voting business at the expense of taxpayers. They have produced equipment that is costly and some say may be subject to election fraud.

Consider is time that our elected officials found a voting solution that does not break the bank at the county level.

Commissioners need to explain why, in 2005, they knowingly bought 1990 technology.

And our state lawmakers need to investigate why the only approved equipment for voting is so expensive.

Counting votes shouldn't be that hard!

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