Texas Tech fans react to loss against West Virginia

Texas Tech fans react to loss against West Virginia

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Texas Tech fans are reacting to this weekend's crushing loss against West Virginia, with alumni in town for the homecoming game now headed home feeling defeated.

Many of them took to social media to share their opinions.

But despite those feelings, the fans we spoke with today are keeping a positive attitude as they move on, and are offering up their own suggestions to get a Red Raider win.

When you ask a die-hard Tech fan how they felt about Tech's loss to West Virginia, this might be what you hear.

"Well I'm very disappointed, and not very optimistic," Mark Halsey said.

"A little frustrated. Got up and left the room, you know," Bruce Harris said.

Fans piled into the Jones AT&T stadium with enthusiasm for the early kickoff against West Virginia, but there were many open seats by the second half of the game.

"As it started out, everybody was really pumped, going into it we had a really good feeling. And it just kind of, got crushed," Megan Alberts said.

"It was kind of like a deflating balloon. It was all pumped up and ready to go and then the crowd got thinner and thinner, and heads hung down a little low," Weston Taylor said.

With a couple of days to think about the loss, these Tech fans are giving their own Monday morning quarterback critiques.

"It's tough and you just kind of have to hope for the best and hopefully we can get our play calling on because the past two games that I've watched that's just, it's really hurting us," Alberts said.

"They had their hands full. I would love to see some better defense," Harris said.

"It was a messy game. It was sloppy. And that's just disheartening a little bit. Whenever you have high hopes for something and you want it so bad," Taylor said.

But win or lose, these fans all had one thing in common.

"I bleed red and black, so I'm not going to give up that easily," Taylor said.

So they'll look ahead to the next big game, supporting the Red Raiders as they fight for a win.

"Well yeah we're going to be Red Raider fans until the end," Harris said.

"Oh yeah, always be a Tech fan," Halsey said.

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