Reversing My Diabetes - How to Get Help

Treating diabetes with diet and lifestyle changes

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - We know from the American Diabetes Association that every 10 seconds, a patient dies of a diabetes complication. So, if you are a patient, or have been diagnosed with borderline diabetes, you have an opportunity for a medical doctor to lead you through an event this Saturday called "Reversing my Diabetes".

Dr. Justin Anderson is moderating that free community wide event.

He is an Ophthalmologist in Lubbock, a specialty in which diabetes is always a concern.

He is also a metabolic coach who last year launched that option for weight loss in Lubbock.

So now, a year later, he is back to share the results of patients who have tried metabolic coaching to get what can be life-changing results.

In the event this Saturday, Dr. Anderson will present real, everyday people who are reversing their diabetes with changes in nutrition using a diet low in refined carbohydrates.

Refined carbohydrates are white, white rice, white flour products, and white potatoes. All those things turn to sugar in the body. So why not just switch to whole grain products? Dr. Anderson says whole grains can be deceiving.

He explains, "One of the problems is, the glycemic index is how much something raises your blood sugar. And a whole grain slice of bread will raise your blood sugar just as much as a slice of white bread."  But Dr. Anderson says that doesn't mean that everything that tastes good if off limits. He says, "I still go to Sonic just like everybody else and order a double bacon cheeseburger. I just order mine with no bun."

Dr. Anderson says he hopes the success stories shared this Saturday will convince others that it is possible to use metabolic coaching to reduce or eliminate diabetes medications by normalizing blood sugar and improving hemoglobin A1c (90 day blood sugars).

The event Saturday is a free, community-wide educational program that is intended to offer stories of hope to others who are suffering from diabetes.

There will be several MDs there to discuss the science and medicine behind the stories, including one doctor who will share his personal story of how he got off his diabetes medications and also lost 100 pounds using the same strategy.

"Reversing My Diabetes" is a free event but you need to pre-register at since seating is limited. The event is scheduled from 9 to noon Saturday morning, October 29th, at the Texas Tech International Cultural Center at 601 Indiana.

We received this letter on Thursday, Nov. 17.

Dear Karin,

Thank you [for] the report you did before the Reversing My Diabetes educational seminar. Because of your story, we were able to reach over 175 type 2 diabetics with a message of Hope and Inspiration.

At the event 9 real-life diabetics spoke to the audience, explaining exactly how they have been able to improve their blood sugars and diabetes with a simple change in diet. The speakers gave the audience a set of real-world tools that they could use to start improving their diabetes right away.

Since the conference, have reviewed the comment forms from the event personally, and the responses were overwhelmingly positive. Here are just a few of the positive comments!

     "I found Hope..."

     "I know I can do this now…" 

     "I'm going to cut the carbs!"

     "Felling Hopeful and Inspired…" 

     "I appreciate the tools which were presented…" 

     "Encouraging to hear others' stories to improve their health…"


The conference gave me "… hope for my husband!" 

In addition, in the coming weeks the complete seminar will be released on YouTube for free. So not only have you helped change the lives of these 175 people, but also the thousands who will be inspired and educated by the online video version of Reversing My Diabetes as well.

So once again, on behalf of myself, speakers, and the audience (past and future) - Thank You!!!


Justin E. Anderson, MD

Metabolic Coaching

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