Victim forgives, looking for new start after Thanksgiving Day horror

Updated: Dec. 1, 2016 at 7:20 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A Lubbock man is now looking for a new start following a Thanksgiving Day stabbing.

Lubbock Police responded to a home burglary where the accused intruder, Jimmy Nguyen, died after police say he attacked James Wiedeman with a knife.

Wiedeman told police he heard a noise and saw Nguyen sprint from a room in his apartment. Nguyen then rushed Wiedeman, attacking and stabbing him. A neighbor of the victim said Nguyen broke in through a window.

Wiedeman told police he was able to fight his attacker and stab him, then fled to a neighbor's home and had the neighbor call police.

"Came running in through the back room, naked with a 2 foot long knife screaming that I had to die," Wiedeman recalls. "And, he began to slash at me. After I defeated him, I crawled out here to my neighbors house and beat on the door. He didn't want to answer it, because he couldn't recognize me because I was covered in blood."

The neighbor told reporters that Nguyen bit off part of Wiedeman's ear in the struggle.

Wiedeman survived the attack but says he is having nightmares and flashbacks.

"I keep seeing everything," he says. "Him, the knife, the blood, the death and all of those things weigh heavy on my mind."

Today he tells us he wants to find a new home to escape those terrifying memories.

"The energy, the negative feelings, the pictures of the blood in my mind and the shadows of the fight. I don't have control over those, they invade me," he says.

He tells us he has not gotten much sleep since the attack and cannot seem to get those images out of his mind.

Even though the Navy veteran is left with many reminders of those terrifying moments, he finds sympathy for the attacker after learning he too, was a veteran suffering form PTSD.

"It's not his fault," he says. "He was overwhelmed with it and I don't believe that's who he was. I believe he was another good young man that just suffered from a problem facing too many veterans."

He says he finds comfort that no one else was hurt in the process.

"Perhaps, I was all that stood between him and a different house and a different family and children," he says. "And that, I was the only one that could stop him."

Wiedeman says he is on a fixed income and is finding it difficult to move under his current circumstances. So, there is a GoFundMe account to raise money. If you'd like to help you can by donating to his cause.

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