Friends remember hit and run victim Kirk Conway

Friends remember hit and run victim Kirk Conway
Kirk Conway (source: Dakota Nicole Savage)
Kirk Conway (source: Dakota Nicole Savage)
Dakota Nicole Savage and Heather Ethridge recall memories of their friend, Kirk Conway (source: KCBD video)
Dakota Nicole Savage and Heather Ethridge recall memories of their friend, Kirk Conway (source: KCBD video)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - For the first time, we're hearing from close friends of a Lubbock man killed in a hit and run accident.

Stephen Conway, or Kirk as friends called him, stopped to help a stranded driver on the north loop last Friday night and was hit by a van. Conway died at the scene, at 46 years old.

The driver of the van in the hit and run, Raul Garibay, turned himself in to Lubbock police the morning of Christmas Eve.

Garibay was charged with failure to stop and render aid, causing death. He has since been released from the Lubbock County Detention center.

The fatal crash happened in the westbound lanes of the North Loop near Lubbock Lake Landmark. Conway was standing with two other people when he was hit.

Conway's friends say the way he stopped to help a stranger out, is a true testament to his character.

A cloudy sky hung over Club Luxor Thursday, the place where Stephen Kirk Conway met his dearest friends.

"Incredibly friendly, just a good person. You knew the second you met him, you know, you were going to be friends. There's something special," friend Heather Ethridge said.

"That was the beginning of a great friendship," friend Dakota Nicole Savage said.

A friendship of nearly 20 years.

"He was just one of those friends you know you'll have forever," Ethridge said.

These friends frequently met at the club, and made memories on the dance floor.

"He was a social butterfly," Savage said.

"Absolutely, he'd walk off the dance floor, give somebody a hug and come right back and not miss a beat," Ethridge added.

Ethridge and Savage say Kirk had a sincere love for everyone, especially his family.

"His friends were always there first and foremost right aside his mom and granny. His mom and granny came first," they said.

Friends describe Kirk as generous, kind and selfless.

"There's no way to adequately express all that he was to everybody that knew him. He was really, he's one of the lights. And he will be missed by so many people," Ethridge said.

Though heartbroken, they say Kirk had a positive impact on everyone he met, each day of his life.

"The better parts of Kirk will always live inside of myself as well as all of his friends. He took us under his wing and tried to mold us into the best possible human being we could become. And I hope that in the future that shows," Savage said.

Kirk Conway's funeral is Friday, Dec. 30, 2 p.m. at Grace Chapel in Littlefield.

There will be a memorial show at Club Luxor on Friday, Dec. 30. The show begins at midnight.

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