Child sex trafficking suspect, 3 others charged in connection with Sunday murder

Published: Jan. 12, 2017 at 3:33 PM CST|Updated: Jan. 12, 2017 at 4:21 PM CST
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Police search for Raynaldo Joshua Enriquez and Adrianne Soto Martinez (Source: LPD)
Police search for Raynaldo Joshua Enriquez and Adrianne Soto Martinez (Source: LPD)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - After a Lubbock Police SWAT stand-off this week to arrest a man charged with sex trafficking of a child, the man has now been charged with murder in connection to the body found at the Carriage House Inn Sunday morning. The warrant also now names three other people charged with murder. Police are also searching for one person wanted in connection with the murder.

Dimitrise Lyghts, 22, was arrested after a four-hour stand-off just two days after 32-year-old Gabriel Salazar was found dead near the Carriage House Inn. On Monday morning, 27-year-old Jake Johnson was arrested and charged with murder and tampering with evidence. Geneva Leal, 26, was initially charged with tampering with evidence but has now been also charged with murder.

A fourth person, Raynaldo Jacob Enriquez was named in the murder warrant and has been charged with murder.

The Lubbock Police Department released a statement saying they were searching for two people wanted for questioning involved in this case. One person, 28-year-old Adrianne Soto Martinez, has been located and is speaking with detectives now. They are still searching for 28-year-old Raynaldo Joshua Enriquez.

Police believe Salazar, a convicted child sex offender, was involved in a dispute with one of the people involved. He was later confronted about the dispute which led to the deadly confrontation. Police ask that anyone with information regarding Raynaldo Joshua Enriquez to call Crime Line at 806-741-1000.

The warrant says Enriquez told detectives he was at Leal's home with Lyghts, Salazar and other people. He told detectives he shot Salazar then stabbed him. He told detectives Lyghts, Leal and another male hit Salazar with a bat.

Enriquez said Salazar was still alive when he left the home, but Salazar wasn't there when he returned. He told detectives Lyghts said he was happy the victim was gone and that they threw him at the Carriage House. Enriquez told detectives he said they should have "finished him" after the others told him Salazar was still alive when they left him at Carriage House.

"[Enriquez] advised earlier he told everyone they let him "finish the victim off" instead of letting him suffer. [Enriquez] thinks Leal wanted the victim to suffer."

Johnson, the first suspect arrested in connection with the murder, told detectives he arrived at Leal's home and found Salazar injured. He offered to help remove the man from the house. The warrant says he was injured to the extent that his skull was partially exposed. He said Salazar was alive and moaning and slurring words. Johnson told detectives he placed Salazar in the back of his pickup and he and another man took Salazar to the Carriage House Inn. Johnson said he did not care if the victim lived or died, and he found out the next day, on Sunday, that [Salazar] had been found dead.

Johnson told detectives he removed the plastic bed liner and tools from his truck and placed them at his residence. He advised the bed liner and tools had the victim's blood on them and would be located at his house.

Johnson told police when he went back to Leal's home on Sunday, he said the carpet had been removed from the living room.

Leal told investigators she saw Salazar shot, stabbed and beaten with a baseball bat.The warrant reveals Leal told investigators after the attack she cleaned up all the blood inside the house.

KCBD NewsChannel 11 is gathering more details and will update this story as more becomes available.

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