City, county working to bring jobs to Plainview with new business park

City, county working to bring jobs to Plainview with new business park
Mayor Wendell Dunlap, City of Plainview (Source: KCBD Video)
Mayor Wendell Dunlap, City of Plainview (Source: KCBD Video)
Source: KCBD Video
Source: KCBD Video

PLAINVIEW, TX (KCBD) - The City of Plainview could soon be home to a new business park, a venture Hale County and the city are working on together.

One of the main goals for the project is to provide more jobs.

"Roughly three years ago, Cargill Corporation closed here in Plainview," said Wendell Dunlap, Mayor for the City of Plainview, "and that afternoon, we realized for the very first time that we were not prepared to bring in new businesses."

The closure took nearly 2,000 jobs with it.

"We've been very very fortunate," he said. "For about a year we felt it. But, we have moved on."

Mayor Dunlap tells us the city and Hale County are going into business together.

"It's a 50/50 partnership on purchasing the land and also, on the operation of the land," he explains.

With about 100 acres of land already purchased, including the old Jimmy Dean plant, the city is hoping to create more jobs for folks who live out here.

"What we want is try to bring in businesses that employ 30, 40, 50, 100 people- is what we're hoping for," Mayor Dunlap says.

The mayor tells us he hopes construction will begin by the end of the year.

"I think it's going to take a couple of years for us to get it open," he said.

The project is currently in the design phase and with the $1 million Economic Development Administration grant, the new business park will provide water and sewage for the prospective businesses.

"If we don't grow, we're going to get stale," Mayor Dunlap said. "For Plainview to grow, we're going to have to invest some money. The business park is one of the things that we're doing, in order to try to make Plainview a more vibrant and positive place to be and a place that's growing."

He says there are no prospects just yet, since the project is still in the beginning stages, but he tells us the future looks bright.

"We really believe that this is going to be a positive thing for our community," he said.

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