Lubbock man celebrates inauguration with TRUMP tattoo

Updated: Jan. 19, 2017 at 5:55 PM CST
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Source: KCBD Video
Source: KCBD Video

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Donald Trump's inauguration is on Friday, and one Lubbock man is showing his appreciation for the president-elect in a very unusual way.

"Mark my words, he's going to be the best president we've ever had," Goober Williamson says.

Williamson has decided to show permanent support for President Trump by having five letters inked on his body.

"He's just a blessing to us and we need him, bad. America needs him," he says.

Two weeks ago, Goober decided to get TRUMP tattooed onto his neck.

"I get a lot of likes, a lot of 'man I can't believe you did that' and 'aren't you in fear of your life,'" he says.

Williamson says he has supported Trump since the campaign was announced.

"If I put a sign up on my truck, they're going to vandalize it," Williamson says. "If I put a sign in my yard, they're going to vandalize my house. Well, come vandalize me, that's the only thing I've got, you know. This is who I am."

He says his family and friends didn't think he would go through with the tattoo.

"Until I die," he says. "It's going to be Trump, through and through."

And, he says it's a decision he does not regret.

"This is me," he says. "I'm proud and blessed. God bless President Trump."

Williamson says he's proud of his new tattoo and is excited to watch the inauguration on Friday.

He even took the day off from work.

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