Neighbors speak out following deadly morning house fire

Neighbors speak out following deadly morning house fire

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Lubbock Fire Rescue was called to a fire at a duplex in the 500 block of 42nd street at around 8 a.m. Sunday morning. When they arrived, first responders found 67-year-old Cindy Tipton in the back of the duplex. Tipton was taken to UMC where she later died.

The Fire Marshal's Office says the cause of the fire was smoking in the presence of oxygen. Neighbors say the two women who lived in side A of this duplex kept to themselves.

They tell us the devastation following this blaze caught everyone off-guard.

"I went to work this morning and i got off around 6 o'clock this morning and I came home, I went to sleep, I dozed off," says neighbor, Jeridon Garcia.

Garcia says today was a typical Sunday morning, until...

"I woke up to my brother-in-law, like shaking me, he was like, wake up, something's on fire. I wake up and I just run to the front door, and i look outside and there's like flames and smoke coming from above the apartment," Garcia said.

Jessie Eddington was also shocked by the fire.

"When I woke up this morning and i got to the door like i do every morning to come out, and when I come out I looked up and I seen smoke and fire shootin' up like it was shootin' to the sky and I just took out runnin, "Oh Lord," cause I didn't know where it was, I just kept saying "Oh Lord, oh Lord," Eddington said.

Eddington says she saw Lubbock Fire rescue when she ran outside and realized it was her neighbor's house on fire. But aside from the flames shooting from the house, Eddington says she knew something else was wrong.

"I seen one of the old ladies, they was sittin' on the ground, and she had two of the dogs in her hands, and I kept tellin 'em, I says, it's another lady, it's another lady in there, and about 30 to 40 minutes I think, I seen 'em dragging the other one out," Eddington said.

Garcia says what happened next was heartbreaking to watch.

"And then we saw them bring out the other lady, the one that passed away, sadly....and they were just pumping her, like....and we were just standing there like "please let her come back, you know what i'm saying, and they were just pumping her and they were just trying. The would not give up, they would not stop, they just kept on. I never would've expected something like this today," Garcia said.

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