Historic East Lubbock Gateway one step closer to opening

Updated: Feb. 1, 2017 at 5:33 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The east side of Lubbock could see new construction within the coming months.

The Historic East Lubbock Gateway, an individually funded project, is one step closer to coming to life. The beautification project is designed to enhance about six city blocks, from 17th Street on Avenue A south to 23rd Street, all in an effort to revitalize east Lubbock.

"If they'll go to Amarillo to see Cadillacs buried in the sand, imagine what people will do to see dancing sculptures in the wind, and interpret African American history," says Eric Strong, Director of the Roots Historical Arts Council in Lubbock, part of the Roots Community Revitalization Center.

"We want to build a gateway into this community. What we envision is a place where you can walk and see jugglers and mimes and just different entertainers," Strong says.

The design of the Historic East Lubbock Gateway is modeled after Retiro Park in Madrid, Spain.

"We're predicting and projecting tourists to come to this area by the thousands, and we have to find a place to park 'em, we have to find a place to feed 'em, we have to find a place for them to go to the restrooms, there's a lot of stuff we have to do," Strong says.

The project, funded by grant money, is something life-long Lubbock resident Ana Torres says she's looking forward to.

"That's gonna be huge for business owners, I think just getting people over here and seeing just the great things, the great people here in east Lubbock...for the whole community, for businesses, residents alike, it's just all good," Torres says.

Strong says there's one thing he wants to make sure east Lubbock residents understand.

"Things are about to change. When that wall goes up, that wall's gotta be up by this time next year, when the wall goes up, this community will change forever - forever, ever."

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