Lamesa mourns loss of 62-year-old Danny Smith, killed in oilfield accident

Lamesa mourns loss of 62-year-old Danny Smith, killed in oilfield accident

LAMESA, TX (KCBD) - Lamesa is feeling the loss of an active member of their community tonight.

62-year-old Danny Smith died on Sunday, following an oilfield industrial accident last Thursday.

Smith fell about 25 feet off a platform southeast of Seminole. His death was a shock to friends, family and his employer.

For more than 40 years, Danny Smith developed a reputation as a loyal employee at Britt Trucking & Construction Company.

Chance Britt said he grew up in his family business always knowing Danny as an employee, since he started when he was around 19 years old.

"He worked his way up from a helper to a truck driver," Chance said, "and eventually a truck pusher."

But while Thursday started as a normal day at work for Danny, it ended tragically.

"He encountered some oil and slipped and fell," Chance said.

Before that day, Chance said Danny had never even twisted an ankle on the job.

"We have four safety officers that are always on site," Chance said.

Chance planned to visit Danny while he was hospitalized in Lubbock, but he died on Sunday, before Chance could reach him.

"I wanted Danny to know that no matter what we were up against, he had put so much into Britt Trucking that Britt Trucking was going to be there for him," Chance said.

While Chance said Danny even described himself as 100 percent Britt, he said he had many other roles in Lamesa.

"No matter the sport, Danny was down there with the kids and the kids just loved him and adored him with a passion," Chance said.

Chance said Danny leaves behind a legacy as not only a remarkable worker, but as a remarkable person.

"The work ethic, the drive, the love, everything that was instilled in him is hard to replace in a person," he said.

OSHA is investigating this accident. We will keep you updated on what they find.

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