World's Largest Jackrabbit now resides in Ralls

Updated: Feb. 9, 2017 at 6:56 PM CST
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Source: KCBD Photo
Source: KCBD Photo
Source: KCBD Photo
Source: KCBD Photo

RALLS, TX (KCBD) - It's long been the dream of Ralls ISD Business Manager Bruce Harris to have the World's Largest Jackrabbit in Ralls, since their athletic mascot is the Jackrabbit.

His vision began when he saw the then-largest jackrabbit in Odessa standing 8 feet tall.

"I realized that when I took a youth group down for Rock the Desert 15 years ago. From that day, I was just sick about it. We're the home of the Jackrabbits and we need to have the World's Largest Jackrabbit."

15 years later it's finally a reality because they finally found someone willing to make it.

"We tried to find someone to build it out of plaster, stone or metal and no one really wanted to tackle the project. We've been searching for 15 years and finally we came across Cam Dockery and he put it together for us. He's a chainsaw artist out of Whitharral and he spent 3 days carving this Jackrabbit and he did an amazing job. He used 4 large elm trees."

Standing proudly by the Ralls baseball and softball fields, the World's Largest Jackrabbit is now in Ralls and Bruce is thrilled.

"This Jackrabbit is the World's Largest jackrabbit 14 feet 6 inches weighing 5000 pounds located right here in Ralls Texas.

Reaction in Ralls has been overwhelming for this Gigantic Jackrabbit. Ralls ISD Director of Special Projects Macy Cavazos is excited about this addition to the community.

"I was kinda amazed. I didn't realize how big it was going to be. Talking about it and seeing it is totally different. It's awe inspiring."

They already have a Facebook page up World's Largest Jackrabbit and a snazzy new slogan: "Fear The Ears!" The ears are 4 feet tall on the World's Largest jackrabbit.

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