Zumwalt offers tips for a healthy heart

Heart healthy tips
Updated: Feb. 15, 2017 at 9:31 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - February is all about the heart and what can make it stronger.

So, if Valentine's Day has left you with a lot of chocolate in the house, is that a good thing or a red flag?

We asked Dr. Mimi Zumwalt, a Texas Tech Physician and world champion body builder.

She says chocolate contains cocoa butter which has good fats and bad fats.

She says, "Chocolate has one unsaturated fat similar to olive oil which is good for the heart, but with two saturated fats that are bad for the heart. But the other good thing about chocolate is it has antioxidants which helps to repair the cell damage from free radicals that are produced in the body."

Overall, she offers this advice, "I say you may want just one Hershey kiss a day and hopefully keep the doctor away."

Good luck with that.

It might be easier to follow Dr. Zumwalt's exercise plan for better heart health.

She says even one hour a week of walking can help make your heart stronger.

Especially if you're just starting a program, she says try to get 10 minutes of walking every day, even if that includes parking far away and walking to your destination… or climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

Coincidentally, right now at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Dr. Zumwalt is developing a new app that she hopes will make exercise easier and more motivating for better health. Dr. Zumwalt say she has a team of folks at TTUHSC working to put all her ideas into this new app.  It will be called  FIT-FIX. It will help you design your own workout with timers to know when to move on to the next exercise.

So, overall, it might be a lot easier and more beneficial to join and follow FIT-FIX than to budget just one Hershey's kiss a day.

We'll have more on the FIT-FIX APP when it becomes available later this spring.

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