Texas Tech joins campaign against sexual assault on college campuses

Texas Tech joins campaign against sexual assault on college campuses

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - We believe you - three words the Student Government Association at Texas Tech University hopes will bring change. The SGA at Texas Tech is partnering with other Big 12 Universities in an effort to end sexual assault and violence on college campuses.

A video released by university members of the Big 12 division earlier this week, in support of the initiative, comes on the heels of a lawsuit announced against Texas Tech, which hinges on a sexual assault case.

Student Body President Ben Sharp says the video has been seen more than 50,000 times and has hundreds of shares on Facebook. But Sharp says he's hopeful that number will continue to grow with more and more people taking this message to heart.

"One in five women on average, experiences an unwanted sexual encounter during their time at college and one in 16 men experiences an unwanted sexual encounter," Sharp says.

Sharp says the statistics are staggering, leading former President Obama and Vice President Biden began the campaign called "It's on Us" to change rape culture on college campuses back in 2014.

"It's growing in awareness of it and so we wanted to take that momentum that's already there and see if we can push it farther a little bit more," Sharp says.

Members of SGAs from all 10 universities in the Big 12 gathered together last November in Morgantown, West Virginia to make this video.

Sharp says while it's important to acknowledge the recent focus surrounding rape culture at Baylor, he says there is something else he hopes people will remember.

"Just because Baylor's in the news, doesn't mean it's not happening in other places. I think another way that it helps in having all the Big 12 institutions as part of it is that we all have friends that attend these different institutions institutions and so, it just makes it a topic of conversation, and it's not only when you're here on campus, that it's talked about," Sharp says - a conversation he says is crucial.

"Another large part of it is normalizing talking about sexual assault, and sexual assault prevention, and proper sexual behavior in our every day conversation, because, it should be something that we talk about and if we don't talk about it, then that's how bad things happen," Sharp says.

But, he says more than talking about sexual assault there is one thing he wants victims to know.

"We believe you and we support you and we're here to back you up."

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