Operation Hope Helping in Haiti

Operation Hope Helping in Haiti

MONTROUIS, HAITI (KCBD) - More than 2,000 miles away from here, Operation HOPE from Lubbock is in Haiti helping to distribute food shipped to that country by Breedlove, which is also right here in our backyard.

The two organizations partnered together for this campaign they're calling Hope 2 Haiti, in an effort to feed the hungry in the areas affected by Hurricane Matthew.

450,000 servings of food from West Texas are now in Haiti, providing nutrients to young students in that country.

KCBD's Presley Fowler is there with the team, including Operation HOPE founder, Dr. John Thomas and board member, Brenda Johnson.

They have been staying in Montrouis, Haiti which is two hours north of Port Au Prince.

But each day they have gone to different towns to meet some of the people receiving the meals sent from Lubbock, escorted by their host from Haiti, Pastor Cesar.

Today the team visited three different schools, and they say it's shocking to see the see the conditions the students learn in.

No electricity, and the classrooms are only separated by chalk boards.

But it doesn't matter to these students.

They are so happy to be at school and to be learning.

They pay close attention, and have such bright spirits.

And even though they don't speak English, you can see in their eyes just how grateful they are for the Breedlove food they get to eat for lunch.

For many of the children, it is their only meal for the day.

"An average wage income for a Haitian that works all day long is no more than $2 a day. But if they've got seven mouths to feed, that will not carry. And so therefore this one food, once a day satisfies their caloric need. At least they won't go hungry," Dr. Thomas said.

These students in Haiti are so thankful for the food sent from West Texas.

This is thanks to Breedlove and Operation HOPE but also those of you at home who donated to help make this possible.

You can rest assured this has made an impact on the lives of these children.

The team from Lubbock will be heading home tomorrow, and once they return KCBD will have more on this trip.

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