Red Cross assisting family displaced by Thursday morning house fire

Red Cross assisting family displaced by Thursday morning house fire

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The Red Cross is assisting four adults and one infant after they lost ten puppies and a home to a house fire just before noon near the 3100 block of Colgate in Lubbock.

"We go up into the Red Cross office, we get into the emergency vehicle and then we go to the fire," said volunteer Brad Larson.

Larson has had callouts at all hours of the night during this time with the Red Cross.

"We respond to every home fire in a 14-county area," he said.

This work takes him straight into contact with families who have just lost everything.

"Boy, when you start making some of these calls and you see people when they're so vulnerable, one, you're thankful that you have what you have," he said, "and you're just thankful that you can help someone else get through a really tough time."

House fire victims have endless needs, Larson said.

"We help them with their basic immediate needs…food, clothing, and shelter," he said. "And we do what we can to provide them with funds to help them get through the immediate time right after their disaster."

These past few weeks, Larson said their area house fire callouts have been all too often.

"There were a couple of fires up north and a fire down south," he said.

But there is a reason Larson wants to be there for people during such tragic moments of their lives.

"My wife's parents gave us a call one day and said they were flooded out," he said. "What we remember is the Red Cross coming down the street and providing a meal for them. And that helped them get started back on taking control."

This is why Larson hopes during March, American Red Cross Month, more volunteers will step up to help the Red Cross help victims move forward.

"To be able to go to people's homes after they've lost everything," he said, "and be able to say, 'Here, we can help with a little bit.' It's got to be one of the most fulfilling things you can do. It really is."

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