Love From Lubbock helps Panhandle fire victims

Love From Lubbock helps Panhandle fire victims

LAMESA, TX (KCBD) - The Panhandle fire was a fire that no one saw coming, and that no one really could prepare for, but Lamesa native Chance Britt is trying to ease the burden, as they try to rebuild.

"We are hauling three-loads of hay to McLean, to a smaller ranch today. We are going to try to help the rural farmers out, and they got stray cattle everywhere. With everything burned up they have nowhere to graze, so we are trying to get up there as fast as possible," Love From Lubbock founder Chance Britt said.

And they were able to do just that. Britt says he and his wife came up with the idea Thursday night and now he is delivering three truckloads of hay to the people and animals that need it the most.

"My wife and I, she told me you have the trucks and the manpower to do this," Chance Britt said. "Luke 12:48 states 'To whom much is given, much is required.' As a West Texan, I feel like I've been given way more than I deserve. We have clothes on our backs today and food in our refrigerators, and our neighbors up north have lost everything."

When Chance saw the devastation from this terrible fire, he says his West Texas roots made him take action.

"My dad was a great man, and I got to say that if I wouldn't have done something in this time of need. He would look at me and say, Son, you are from West Texas we are a little better than that; pick up the pace," Chance Britt said.

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