6 Lubbock residents run in 2017 Boston Marathon

Updated: Apr. 17, 2017 at 6:23 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Six Lubbock runners are in Boston today after finishing the Boston Marathon.

Today marks four years since the horrific bombing near the finish line in 2013.

Josh Leyva, one of the six Lubbock runners, says this is his third time running the marathon. He says security is still a priority for spectators and runners.

"I think they do everything they can to make sure that everyone is safe and they get the message out there, if you see something, say something. And I think the people of Boston are definitely eager to do that. They take a lot of pride in the marathon, they- I know - post the bombing they've shown that pride and they love having you here," he said.

He says even though there's such a heavy security presence, he could still feel the excitement of the marathon.

The full list of the Lubbock runners and their results are below:

Doyen H. Brinker, 55, of Lubbock
Overall - 12,376
Gender - 8,286
Division - 605

Tonya Crossland, 46, of Lubbock
Overall - 11,853
Gender - 3,807
Division - 401

Debbie S. Gelber, 48, of Lubbock
Overall - 19,184
Gender - 7,978
Division - 1,270

Joshua L. Leyva, 37, of Lubbock
Overall - 2,228
Gender - 2,053
Division - 1,440

Joseph E. Price, 60, of Lubbock
Overall - 24,701
Gender - 13,679
Division - 963

Leesa Price, 60, of Lubbock
Overall - 24,700
Gender - 11,022
Division - 300

For more results, click here.

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