TTU Parking Services donates bikes to LPD's Homeless Outreach Team

Updated: Jun. 6, 2017 at 7:35 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Texas Tech Transportation and Parking services donated 11 bicycles to the Lubbock Police Department's Homeless Outreach Team on Tuesday afternoon.

The bikes were donated by TTU's Bike for Cites program. where students can donate a used bike and get their parking ticket dismissed for free.

LPD's Homeless Outreach Team was started over a year ago. Officers in this special unit make it their goal to help the homeless population in Lubbock.

Transportation for the homeless is a big issue, and with this program, those who are able to verify that they have employment will be provided a bike by the officers.

"That's probably the number one reason why folks don't have a job is because of transportation," said Sgt. Steven Bergen.

Receiving a bike can be life-changing for people in this situation.

"Sometimes we take things like for granted. It's very interesting and humbling to see somebody that gets a bike, as simple as that, and how it can change their way of life and how they do things," Bergen said.

The team says they plan on patrolling the streets on their bicycles at least once a week, so they can reach more of the homeless population.

Bergen says getting out on the streets with their bikes is an easy way to make them approachable and a great way to reach out to folks who need help.

The officers also carry a saddle bag with them that includes a hygiene bag, socks, and bottles of water.

If you have bicycles you'd like to donate, you can reach the Homeless Outreach Team at 806-775-2975.

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