Women and self defense, how to protect yourself from an attacker

Women and self defense, how to protect yourself from an attacker

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Recent events in Lubbock have people thinking about what they can do if they get caught in a dangerous situation. To answer this question, we spoke with teachers from the Texas Karate Institute, which offers valuable self defense lessons for women.

Tom Downs, a 9th degree black belt, and head instructor at the Texas Karate Institute, began teaching self defense classes for women in the 1980s, and those classes are still going strong.

At the Texas Karate Institute, the kick-boxing and self defense class is geared towards helping women learn how to protect themselves from an attacker.

Downs says they have had good enrollment lately.

The class goes through six different scenarios for women who may be in a dangerous situation, with the goal of increasing their confidence.

"We educate the individual both mind, body, fight and spirit, so that they're able to handle a situation," Downs said.

The moves women are taught aren't complicated, Downs says he wants them to be easy to remember when students get startled.

"I want them to be able to maybe kick a guy in the groin very hard and get away from him," Downs said.

Aside from the quick moves, Downs says it's also smart to yell for help.

For more information on the Texas Karate Institute and class schedule, visit their web site at www.texaskarateinstitute.com.

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