Umar Mulinde sharing testimony in Lubbock after horrific acid attack

Umar Mulinde sharing testimony in Lubbock after horrific acid attack

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - In 2011, Umar Mulinde survived a life-threatening acid attack by Muslim extremists, who poured sulfuric acid on him.

The motive behind the attack was his conversion to Christianity, his successful evangelism within the Islamic community, and his open love and support for Israel.

"I am here in Lubbock to share my testimony, it is an inspiring and incredible testimony," Umar Mulinde said. "It's a story about my experiences in life. One, I was born in a Muslim family. But after hearing the gospel, and having many miracles in my life. I decided to become a Christian."

One of his physicians said Umar should not have survived the attack.

He lost eye sight in one eye, had facial disfigurement, and suffered a tracheal (or windpipe) injury, among many others. He has undergone many years of painful, specialized treatment in Israel.

"It was Christmas Eve and I was walking out of my church (in Uganda) and the extremist people met me outside, and they poured a bucket of acid on my face. My face was burned severely, so the doctors took me to India," Mulinde said. "In India, the doctors told me I had a one-percent chance to live but miraculously God helped me."

Mulinde plans on coming back in September for an extended period of time, to spread his testimony.

He plans to speak at several large churches, as well as renting a venue and inviting students from Texas Tech.

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