Southwest Lubbock residents worried about discolored tap water

Updated: Jul. 3, 2017 at 7:23 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Friday night, one family in Southwest Lubbock noticed their water had a green tint to it when they were running bath water, and as of Monday it's still green.

"It smells a little weird, too," said Jessie Akeroyd.

Over the weekend, The city says they received many calls about water in parts of Southwest Lubbock having a yellow to green tint to it.

"We started receiving a few calls late Friday evening, and then a few on Saturday, and a few on Sunday," said Aubrey Spear, director of Water Utilities with The City of Lubbock.

Over the weekend, the City started flushing out the water and tested the chlorine residuals and the city says everything checks out fine.

"The water is safe," Spear said.

The city has been working a new pump station on 34th Street and Slide Road, and they recently opened up a new valve, and that could be the reason for the yellow water.

"It may have been that some of that water was a little discolored, and it started coming through the system and it's just taking a while to dissipate," said Spear.

But, for the Akeroyd family, they are still concerned about their green colored water.

"I wouldn't drink it, I wouldn't even want to brush my teeth with it, or take a bath in it," said Akeroyd.

The water at the Akeroyd house isn't just discolored, it also has what appears to be metal shavings in it.

"You can't touch them, you put your finger in them and they disperse," Akeroyd said.

NewsChannel 11 spoke with the city about this problem as well, and they say the shavings are likely not coming from them because their pipes are plastic.

The city says they are working to get the water back to crystal clear, and it will be back to normal soon.

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