Levelland weather brings significant damage, one injury

Levelland weather brings significant damage, one injury
Source: Caleb Holder, Presley Fowler, KCBD
Source: Caleb Holder, Presley Fowler, KCBD

LEVELLAND, TX (KCBD) - Tuesday morning storms pummeled Levelland and the surrounding area, leaving quite a surprise for residents once they woke up in the morning.

The department released a series of photos through its Facebook to show the damage stemming from Tuesday morning's severe weather. The much-needed rain also brought small hail and strong winds, with wind gusts reported around 65 mph.

One person was injured in this weather.

"When the windows started rattling and the patio door started rattling," Manuel Mendez, Levelland resident, said. "And I have a barbecue grill sitting on the patio, it flipped completely over."

Damage reported includes cars turned over, trampolines wrapped around poles, downed signs and power lines and heavy structure damage to various buildings. Most of the damage was in the northern part of the city.

The National Weather Service has officially categorized this as a "violent wind event," David Corder, Hockley County emergency management coordinator, said.

"We have found damages as far as about two and a half miles west of the city limits," Corder said. "Out at the co-op out there where it took a roof off of one of the buildings."

Crews from Xcel Energy, city employees and random citizens worked all Tuesday to help clean up the rubble and restore power to the city. Clean-up efforts even had to extend out of the city limits as there were damaged areas as far as a few miles outside of the city limits.

"We've tried to pull together in situations like this and I"m just grateful that it wasn't - it could have been more serious," Corder said. "No loss of life, and everybody is safe and sound."

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