Mystery Science Theater class coming to Tech

Mystery Science Theater class coming to Tech

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The Texas Tech Honors College will now offer a class called Mystery Science Theater 3000 taught by Humanities and Culture Librarian Rob Weiner.

The class revolves around the original series of Mystery Science Theater which premiered in 1988, featuring show creator Joel Hodgson, according to a news release from Tech. The show is based on a story of a man shot into space and forced to watch bad movies.

The class will give students perspectives into the show and its quippy dialogue, more specifically into subjects such as riffing, a monologue or spoken improvisation on a particular subject.

"Students who may have only heard of 'Mystery Science Theater' from their parents are now doing rigorous research while critically analyzing its production, lensing and audience," Aliza Wong, associate dean of the Honors College, said in the release. "What Mr. Weiner does is take what we deem 'popular culture' and turn it into intellectual culture. His enthusiasm is infectious."

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