Dust from African Sahara reaches Texas

Updated: Jul. 25, 2017 at 4:30 PM CDT
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If you thought the skies look a little hazy, you're right. Not only are the moisture levels higher than normal, but African dust has made it's way into the Lone Star state. According to the Texas Air Quality board the dust, at varying levels of concentration, will affect the state through at least Thursday.

So far, the highest quantities are in the central and eastern areas of the state, but it is visible, along with other particles over the west Texas skies.

It may affect allergies of those sensitive to dust particles, along with general pollens, so you may have itchy eyes and some other symptoms.

Fortunately, winds over the south plains have helped to mix the air with speeds up to 20 mph and the density of the dust is likely lower for this region compared to other areas of the state.

The upper level winds help to bring the dust over the Atlantic and push it westward into Texas. African dust usually makes an appearance in the region in the late summer and early fall, depending on upper and lower level wind patterns.

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