Localized flooding causes issues for drivers

Localized flooding causes issues for drivers

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Monday morning rain left many West Texas residents in a bind.

"It wasn't that bad when we first drove through," Lubbock driver David Bowman said.

"We sucked up a little too much water, as you can tell. It wasn't quite as bad as when we came through. I guess the flooding has made it significantly worse on the roads. It's been bad, I haven't seen it this bad in years," Bowman said.

With the chance of more rain in the forecast for Tuesday, we spoke with Lubbock Fire Rescue about how serious driving through a flooded road really is.

"I did some research and it says that there are more deaths due to flooding instances, than any other thunder storm type related event," Caption of Communications with the Lubbock Fire Department Kevin Ivy said.

And with Lubbock being as flat as it is, roads naturally flood. So how do you know, when the water is too deep to drive through?

"A natural curb on a street to a side walk, is about six inches," Ivy said.

So, if you don't see the curb, the Fire Department has a simple saying for you to keep in mind.

"Turn around so you don't drown your car, or worse, have an accident and wreck. Or your car might get swept away," Ivy said.

But if you do find yourself in a flooded car, Lubbock Fire and Rescue will be on standby.

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