Tiny houses inspire lofts in downtown Spur

Lofts in downtown Spur (Source: KCBD)
Lofts in downtown Spur (Source: KCBD)

SPUR, TX (KCBD) - The City of Spur is the first town in America to welcome tiny houses.

David Alsbury started the tiny house movement and it has inspired others to not only take advantage of the cheap living costs but also give the buildings downtown a makeover.

"So its already starting to cause a bit of a revitalization of the town which is pretty cool and there are more coming and as for the buildings, other people have since bought some buildings and started to fix those up themselves to," said Alsbury.

People are moving into the buildings downtown and running businesses in the front half and creating lofts to live in in the back half.

Alsbury said, "I live there, I work there, but just as easily someone could run a small shop in the front thirty feet and live in the back."

The new downtown loft developments have been good for the city's economy bringing in more local business.

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